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This is the first classical language and a St James speciality. It has a perfect system of sound and grammar which gives the child an excellent base for the study of all languages. Children love the order and beauty of the sound and the letters. It has a wealth of literature including epic poetry and philosophy.

Parents often ask why we teach Sanskrit.Here are a few answers:

Sanskrit is a language with a fully developed grammar structure. When children learn Sanskrit they are therefore learning about the grammatical  structure common to most other languages. The language is sound-based and helps to sharpen listening and speech skills. there is a wider range of sounds and letters than in most other languages and this enables the child to grow quickly in precise speech. Studying Sanskrit gives children access to one of the greatest stores of literature available and the children love the stories. but most important of all children love the sound of the traditional invocations which they recite and also find great delight in the beauty of the written script which they learn to write.