Celebrating St James On Friday 3rd July, at 6:30pm, we are holding an event entitled...
Some dates for parents Assembly Concert - Wed 20th May 08:05 The children will...
Important Announcement It is with great regret that we have to announce that St James...

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Celebrating St James

First there will be a performance, by the children, of a shortened version of Shakespeare's "The Tempest". This is being facilitated by.

Some dates for parents

Assembly Concert - Wed 20th May 08:05 The children will present a number of musical items, including singing and playing the recorder and the ocarina. Please join us to support this event. Half Term Holiday The school will...

Important Announcement

It is with great regret that we have to announce that St James Independent School (Stockport) will close in July 2015. We have kept our fees as low as we could, but the economic downturn has meant that our numbers are too low for the school


We are active on Facebook, and we update our news and events etc. most days when the school is in session. For instance, this week (9-13 Feb) posts have included Chinese New Year, NCP providing us with safety jackets, Pocket places...

Open Morning Saturday 31st January

We are holding an Open Morning on Saturday 31st January 2015 between 10:00 and 12:00. We will focus again on our intention to make St James a Free School. The Headmaster will be available to answer any questions you may have. Light


Fees are payable in full by the first day of each term or monthly by prior agreement. A charge of 1.5% interest per month may be made on overdue fees. Cheques should be made payable to St. James Independent School.

A term's notice in writing is required prior to withdrawal of pupils, failing which a term's fee will be charged in lieu. Cancelling acceptance of a place less than a term before entry, a term's fee will be payable.


The Independent Educational Association Ltd. is insured as required by law for its public liabilities.

This insurance only covers any possible occurrence where it could be proved that the school had been negligent. However like many other schools we also insure all staff and children against simple accidents, but parents should understand that this insurance is only triggered where there is a permanent disability due to the accident and it is necessary for parents to make a claim within one month of the accident on the appropriate form.

Please note that the School has no insurance to cover the loss of personal effects of any sort, including musical instruments. These should be part of parents' own household insurance cover.

Friends of St James

It would be very helpful if you could give us some indication of what you may be able to offer, e.g. attending fund-raising events, helping out with building maintenance, attending concerts and social events, helping out at the school (you would need a CRB check for this, which the school may be able to organise). Plus any other offerings which seem appropriate to you.

The importance of education in our life and society

To be successful in today's world you first need to have a good education. Well not in every case, but for most people that is a must. For every job there is a certain amount of education required to have, but that is not a problem, because almost every country in the world offers free elementary, middle and high school education for their citizens, and some, but just a few, offer even free college and university education. If your country is not one of those, you can always find a way, if you really want, to study and get some quality knowledge you can use in the future to make something out of your life. But the most important part of your education is not the university, but the prep and elementary school.

In England there are some quite famous schools and universities that offer high class education, but are certainly not free. Public schools are also good, but they carry many more problems and can't ensure you that you child won't gain knowledge at the expense of its emotional development. That can often happen in elementary schools. But let's not talk about the negative things public schools can give you, but about the positive things independent and private schools can give to you and your child. Parents from every part of Great Britain can enroll their children to a great school for a certain price, for these institutions it does not really matter if you are working for NASA or as a London escort on http://www.escortguide.co.uk.

At St. James Independent School at Stockport, your child can get the best from the very first day on. The teachers and educators don't teach only classes, they teach life, good behavior and things of real importance in life. The children are given a lot of space for creativity and possibility to find what they love and then are being helped to further develop in that direction. It is not by accident the best school in North West. The first years of your child's education are the most important ones, that is when its interests are being formed and only than you can make a real impact on its future development. So make sure to pick a good school for your child.

The best for your child

The Arnold House is one more prep school that can give the best for your child. They take courses seriously but also ensure your child gets the space and free time it needs in that stage of development. They take their job as a part of their life and ensure every child gets the best. Charterhouse School is one of the best there is. Their long history and strong rules made them a prestige independent school since 1611. Their fees per term are little less than 12 thousand pounds, so if you don't have that much, don't dream about sending your child there, but if you have that money, than this is the right choice. If your child loves Harry Potter, then it will enjoy the architecture and life there. They also have the highest score per pupil in whole Britain, and we forgot to mention that it is a boys school.

If you live in Great Britain and you want to give your child the best education it can get, than be sure to give your best to find the right one. The costs of their education will soon be paid back and at the end everyone knows that good education is priceless.

Enquiries: Tel: 0161 480 4586   email info@stjamesschool.org.uk

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